6 Meter Long Plastic Mixer Screw & Assembly Parts 3D Scanned - Reverse Engineered.

BMS reverse engineered and 3D scanned two 6 meter long industrial plastic mixer screws & 19 associated assembly parts for emergency repair works last Saturday. 13 hours of nonstop 3D Scanning with the Faro Arm was a great test of endurance for both the arm and the operators. All scans were output in native SolidWorks for emergency downstream repairs and reproduction… The parts had been Air Freighted from the middle east to Manchester for specialist emergency repair. Apparentl

3D Scan to Cad

Scan to CAD 👍 Same day Service 👍 7 days a week 👍 please call or email for any questions dan@bmsdesignltd.co.uk 01565 325005 One of the main issues when buying a 3D scanner is processing the scan data. You need additional expensive software and then need to employ a man to do the CAD work... Why use BMS? 👆 1. All our jobs come with a detailed quality report that shows you precisely how close our CAD is to the scan data.🧐👀 ✌️2. Same or next day service where possib

Boat Survey 3D Scan Reverse Engineering

Thames Clipper Boat Survey 3D Scan using a faro focus scanner, this is so the ship yard can retrofit a bridge extension to the rear of the vessel across the 2 hulls... #reverseengineering #3dscanning #marinesurveys #3dsurvays #designengineering #digitisation #fabrication #shipyard #docks #3dvideo #boatscan #workingboat #marinetaxi #faroscanner #fabrication #shipbuilding