Reverse Engineering

BMS Design Ltd specialise in converting physical parts and components into usable digital CAD models, known as Reverse Engineering.  3D models can then be used for downstream engineering


Our Reverse Engineering Services

Over the past 15 years BMS have converted 1000’s of 3D Scan (.stl) files into sold surface parametric 3D CAD models. Originating from our race car design expertise, our reverse engineering services fulfill requirements from oil rig emergency repairs to product design, prototyping, data storage and analysis.

We work within a large variety of sectors and customise our Reverse Engineering services to meet specific objectives from manufacture and assembly to documentation and optimization analysis requirements. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team at BMS Design Ltd has the expertise and the experience to find the best solution.

The Reverse Engineering process typically consists of;

3D scan of physical parts : This produces a series of dots in space know as cloud point data or .stl file.

Conversion of 3D scan data into parametric 3D CAD model : AKA Data Processing.

All BMS Reverse Engineering projects are validated with a Geometric Quality Verification Reports to compare how close the new CAD model is in relation to the scan data.

3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning

Mobile hand or arm laser scanning for virtually any type of component from micro medical parts, circuit boards, automotive and medical components to classic cars, helicopters and fighter jets.

We frequently convert the 3D scan data into 3D CAD models but we do offer a stand-alone 3D Scanning service with scan data provided in point cloud format.

Converting 3D Scan to 3D CAD Model Servi

Converting 3D Scan into 3D CAD models

BMS specialise in converting client scan data into parametric CAD models. Many clients have their own scanning equipment but don’t have the time or resource to  convert scan data into usable 3D CAD models. This has always been the stumbling block when it comes to converting scan data into usable CAD data. We have been doing this since 2005 and have prefect the process. We turn jobs round overnight and for very little cost. We aim to be the world’s best in processing 3D Scan data.

Inspection services

Inspection Services

Inspections production run components checking tolerances, deviation, comparison to theoretical.

Building and Land Surveying and BIM Serv

Building / Land Surveys and BIM Modelling

BMS perform building and site surveys.  Many clients have their own surveying equipment but need support converting the scan data into usable 3D CAD models AKA BIM.

We welcome enquiries and are happy to talk through your requirements by telephone on 01565 325005 or Get in Touch with details of your project to request a cost estimate or quote.


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