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We provide expertise across many sectors, such as Motorsport, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, MOD, Renewables, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Medical, Construction, Industrial and IT Contracts.



Motorsport & Automotive

Projects, Design, Manufacture, Reverse Engineering

BMS have a wealth of Motorsport experience and provide road, race and rally car design, manufacture, reverse engineering and preparation services...


Renewables, Energy, Oil & Gas

Projects, Design, Manufacture, Reverse Engineering

BMS have Project Managed the delivery of over £500M worth of EPC contracts to most Oil and Gas majors including BP and ENI

We provide emegency pipe line repair reverse engineeeinrg solutions for pipe line contractors.

We provide wind farm reverse engineering repair solutions for blade repair and maintainance specailists.


IT Contracts


BMS have successfully migrated over 5000 mailboxes, and delivered major Windows 10 Infrastructure as part of Desktop Transformation Projectcs for the Banking industry.

bms desing ltd design and manufacture ma

Industrial and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing Solutions


Architecture Engineering & Construction

Projects, Design, Manufacture, Reverse Engineering

Building Survays and BIM modeling

Avionics Engineering


BMS have 3d Scanned and reverse engineered thousands of aerospace components from turbine blades, carbon wing spars to helicopter gearboxes and complete fighter jets



Projects, Design, Manufacture, Reverse Engineering

MS have 3D scanned and reverse engineered a number of medical components from hip joints, titanium implants to specialist tweezers and needles.

Ferrari Testa Rossa Classic Car Reverse

Classic Cars

Projects, Design, Manufacture, Reverse Engineering

BMS have 3D Scanned full vehicles from Classic Ferraris, Aston Martins to Land Rovers and reproduced classic car parts from dash boards to suspension castings.

bms design marine surveyor engineers and


Project Management
Navel Architects
Heavy Lifting
Insurance Assessment
Marine Surveys

Cycling Safety Barriers for Cycling Race

Sport Engineering Cycling Safety Barriers

Race finish line safety for cycle race events.

- Funnel Barriers

- Low Wall Barriers

- Soft Floor Matting for maximum rider safety



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