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Expert Witness Inspection
Services for Technical resolution


  • Over 20 years working in highly regulated engineering manufacturing industry

  • BEng Mechanical Engineering Degree

  • Meng Mechatronics Engineering Degree

  • 15 years Oil and Gas/ Energy / Renewables - Project management, Manufacture, Fabrication, Welding, Materials, Coatings, NDT, Witness Inspection, Root Cause Analysis

  • 15 years Electric Vehicle, Automotive and Motorsport Architecture, Design, Manufacture, Production, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Link , 8D Manufacturing Issue Resolution (MIR) Link

  • 20 years Project management in the above sectors as well as Software 

  • 2 years IT - Coop Bank Manchester - migrating 5000 users from Lotus notes to Outlook/ Windows 10. 



£ per hour plus expenses, or can give estimates per job as required.

General Approach;

  • Find the root cause ASAP (minimise cost)

  • Can it be easily resolved

  • Understand the issue / is it serious/ safety related

  • Understand the contract and quality/ functionality 

  • Report to clearly identify the root cause/ reasons for the issues

  • Provide options and suggestions to move forward proactively.

  • Negotiation with suppliers to help find a cost effective resolution for all.


Technical Approach;

  • Understand the product and the issue(s)

    • Is it isolated and has it been repeated?

    • Safety concerns? Water and electrical leaks / contamination - Health risks

  • Understand the specifications, standards, warranty/ guarantees

  • Consult the supplier and sub suppliers for their opinion

  • Is it a regulated industry (what regulations vs the region)

  • Other general product quality concerns

  • Compare quality to rest of the market and in relation to price

  • Expected quality standards vs competitors

  • Supplier and Sub supplier Analysis as per the 8D root cause analysis / Sub suppliers/ Procedures/ Standards/ Consistency/ Materials/ Traceability/ Production records/ Drawings/ Finishes/ PDI reports/ Shipping packing concerns and records.

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