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BMS provides 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, Design, Manufacture and Project Management services to most sectors including Automotive, Construction, Aerospace, IT, Medical, Energy and Oil & gas.

3D Scanning

BMS have over 10 years experience of providing 3D scanning services.

3D Scanning Services

Reverse Engineering

Over the past 10 years BMS have converted 1000’s of raw STL data (3D scan) files into sold surface parametric 3D CAD models.

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Design Engineering

BMS are equipped with diverse engineering expertise and skills to meet various challenges across industries.

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BMS manufacturing solutions achieve the highest quality standards, informed by our origins in race car design.

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Project Management

We have over 18 years experience in Project Management from Automotive, Motorsport, Energy, Oil & Gas to IT.

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Bespoke Vehicle Design

BMS design and manufacture bespoke full vehicles, road, race and rally vehicle subsystems and components. We undertake confidential projects for Tier 1 OEM manufacturers. We design and develop electric and autonomous motorsport vehicles. We provide expert advice on vehicle suspension, chassis, geometry, FEA, CFD and project management.

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BIM Building information modeling

BMS provide BIM Building information modeling on a daily basis

BMS Design 3D Scanning Survey Pipe Facil

Glass Box Extension

Design & Manufacture, Project Management and Subcontractor Expertise.  Bespoke steel frame and skylight concepts.  Architectural glass.


We welcome enquiries and are happy to talk through your requirements by telephone on 01565 325005 or Get in Touch with details of your project to request a cost estimate or quote.


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