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Reverse Engineering of Hotel Signage

Reverse Engineering of Hotel Signage


Cheshire hotel, The Mere, was struggling to find a supplier to reproduce (reverse engineer) a small number of fabricated car parking signs.

BMS reverse engineered the existing signs, produced detailed drawings and further concepts for their consideration.

Due to the relatively simple geometry, data was captured manually to reverse engineer the signs. We produced the drawings before adding improvements before manufacturing the new signs. The client was very happy to achieve an improved design rather than simply reproduce the existing versions. The new signs were manufactured with improved drainage and greatly improved protective coating systems, galvanised and powder coated.

BMS added value for the customer: improved drainage and protective coating systems on the new signage.

Using advanced 3D laser scan technology BMS can to create a 3D drawing or fully rendered 3D CAD model based on a highly-accurate point cloud capture of practically any object. How can we help? Call 01565 325005 or email for an instant quotation.

CASE STUDY The Mere Reverse Engineer car
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