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Mitsubishi Evo VI Rally Car Build

This original Evo VI RS has competed in Rally GB driven by Dan Humphries, a successful BRC championship front-runner. The car is now in classic Mitsubishi Rally Europe (MRE) works team RalliArt livery as when Tommi Makinin famously ripped his back wheel off during the 1998 Rally GB, thinking his World Championship title was over and Carlos SainZ only hade to drive through the final stage when unfortionatly his Toyota Corolla WRC car famously broke down just 500 meters before the end, what a drama, the golden era of rallying...

Specification is as follows;

  • Built from a original Mitsubishi RS EVO 6

  • Seam welded shell

  • Full Spec Group A Engine Evo 9 Turbo 34mm Restrictor and water injection

  • Gems ECU Anti Lag and mapped for pump fuel

  • Carbon Group A Airbox with new group A airfilter

  • Original RS 5 speed Gearbox

  • Exedy Clutch and Flywheel (£1200) no miles

  • Plated front and rear diffs

  • Ohlins suspension

  • Hydraulic handbrake

  • Brembo brakes front & rear

We will document our progress below:

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