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3D Scan and Reverse Engineer Packaging Spray Bottle

This Mr Muscle plastic trigger spray bottle was requested to be reverse engineered so that a design agency could use the cad to produce new detailed concept designs for high quality rendering for a sales presentation.

The BMS Solution

BMS 3D scanned the bottles then produced highly detailed cad models of the bottle using SolidWorks.

​Reverse engineer physical object into accurate 3D model in SolidWorks

​Using 3D scanning we were able to digitise the detailed geometry of the physical object and create a 3D CAD drawing for the design agency to then use in their preferred software package of SolidWorks.

How can we help?

Using advanced 3D laser scan technology BMS can to create a 3D drawing or fully rendered 3D CAD model based on a highly-accurate point cloud capture of practically any object. How can we help? Call 01565 325005 or email for an instant quotation.

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