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BMS has over 18 years’ experience delivering projects in a uniquely diverse range of industries from motorsport, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, energy, petrochemical, defence to medical, construction, industrial & IT contracts.

Our solutions derive from this unique range of industry experience, some of which demand the most stringent of quality procedures, documentation, testing, qualification and delivery requirements.

BMS have the experience required to deliver multiple high value & complex projects on time and on budget, regardless of the industry.


Our Services

No job too big or small.

We have project managed numerous multi-million contracts from major subsea fabrication to management of IT contracts including a desktop refresh, Windows 10 infrastructure & email migration for over 5000 users at Co-Operative bank.

We have 3D scanned and converted 1000s of physical parts and converted into parametric 3D CAD models often directly into native SolidWorks files, from fighter jets & classic cars to micro circuit boards. We also supply many other 3D scanning service providers with CAD support.

We often 3D scan one off parts for private individuals. 

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We have over 18 years experience in Project Management from Automotive, Motorsport, Energy, Oil & Gas to IT. We are driven, agile and proven to deliver on time and on budget.

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3D Scanning

We provide rapid 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, Digitization, Scan to CAD services and work around the clock to suit customers needs. From land and building surveys to complex parts and micro components.

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Reverse Engineering / CAD Modelling

We specialise in converting physical parts and components into usable digital CAD models, known as Reverse Engineering.  We have converted 1000's of 3D scan data files over the past 15 years.  3D models can then be used for downstream engineering, manufacture and supply.  From oil rig emergency repairs and replacing obsolete components to product design, prototyping, data storage and analysis.

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We provide High and Low Volume Manufacturing Solutions, Castings, Weldments, Fabrications, Assemblies, CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, Laser Tube Cutting, Sheet Metal, Coating and Treatments.

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Design Engineering

We provide full turn key Design Engineering solutions from concept to manufacture, 2D CAD drawing conversion and provide SolidWorks resource for most sectors. Often we act as a design partner for machinists and fabricators. 

VR Headset

Digitisation / Virtual Reality (VR) / Simulation

BMS produce digital sales manuals, digital factory tours, digital product guides and training manuals, VR safety guides, VR Product training for assembly and inspection.  Digitise your facility and provide VR walk trough’s, fly trough’s, VR factory tours.

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Medical - Covid-19 Supplies

BMS have been involved with emergency product development to help the NHS - we have also been asked to supply various equipment from ventilators, iris bometric control units to our designs for PPE solutions such as face masks with 3M filters and Aerosol Boxes for intubation.

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BMS work in most sectors, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Motorsport, Energy, IT, Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Rail, Transport, Logistics, Marine, MOD, Renewables

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