From Engineering

2D Draughting

From Engineering

Engineering Design Tools

  • SolidWorks
  • Cosmos
  • PRO E
  • Catia
  • GeoMagic
  • AutoCad
  • Alias
  • Ansys
  • FEA
  • CFD
  • Photoshop

Engineering Software;

  • CATIA (.CATpart, .CATproduct, .cgr)
  • Inventor
  • Solidworks (.sldasm, .sldprt)
  • NX Unigraphics (.prt)
  • Creo Elements/Pro (.prt, .asm)
  • GeoMagic (.wrp)
  • ProEngineer/ Creo Elements/Pro
  • Alias

File type examples;


  • IGES (.IGS)
  • STEP (.STP)
  • Stereo Lithography (.stl)
  • Parasolid (.Xt)

All the the team have excellent experience with Visio, Microsoft Project, (Gant Charts), Excel, PowerPoint and BaseCamp.

BMS Design Ltd supports clients and contractors projects as an engineering business.

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