Motorsport & Automotive

Originating from race car design and development.

BMS has over 18 years experience of delivering 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, Project Management, Design & Manufacturing services to specialist Motorsport and Automotive businesses.

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Our Motorsport Expertise

BMS have designed full vehicles and components such as chassis suspension and uprights. We have worked on Le Mans, British GT, Touring Cars, Formula Ford, Formula Student, Juno, Ginetta, TVR Speed 12, T440R, Pescarolo, WRC Group A and Group N Race and Rally Cars.

Our Automotive Expertise

BMS have designed and manufactured full vehicles namely the TVR Sagaris along with being involved with various other automotive projects such as the Ginetta G50. Our specialist area is suspension and ride and handling, making a vehicle drive and handle well. We have more recently reverse engineered various automotive components including engine blocks, intake manifolds, exhausts, body panels, seats etc.


Automotive / Motorsport Services

Road, race and rally car full vehicle design and manufacture (electric and autonomous)

Road, race and rally car sub-component design

Road, race and rally car preparation

Road, race and rally car suspension development and tuning

Road, race and rally car driver training and development

Historic vehicle restoration

Machining, Fabrication, Coatings, Shell Preparation

FIA Roll cage design and manufacture

Vehicle logistics and transport services

Race and rally team management



MD Dan Boardman's grandfather John Boardman used to race with Stirling Moss back in the 1950s so its safe to say that motorsport is in the blood;

John ‘Johnny’ Boardman was famous for his exploits on events such as the Monte Carlo Rally, the Tulip Rally and the Liege-Rome-Liege events.

Dan used to build and race model cars, built his first car from a wreck and at 19 years old was building and running a private rally team in New Zealand with Group A Subaru Impreza and competed in the 1999 Rally New Zealand with legends such as Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz, Tommi  Mäkinen (Results here)

On return to the UK Dan obtained a degree in Motorsport engineering and the University of Central Lancashire whilst;

1. Running a Classic Reynard Formula Ford (Winning the Championship)

2. Helping run a Juno Supersports race car.

3. Designing and building the best designed Formula Student car in 2003.

4. Setting up a University rally team, building a Peugeot 205 1600 GTI, competing in the 205 Challenge.

5. Taking a year out to work as a design engineer for TVR cars in Blackpool and helping on weekends with the TVR speed 12 race team.

After university Peter Wheeler offered Dan a full time role back at TVR where he famously developed the successful TVR Sagaris, as described by Jeremy Clarkson, the best TVR ever made.

Dan's frustration with typical TVR quality issues are what made the TVR Sagaris so good.

Typical poor door / window seals water ingress, Dan spent 2 weeks in the body shop rubbing the cant rails on the Sagaris master until they were perfect. 

The original Sagaris bonnet was single skin GRP with 4 quarter turn fasteners. Ok fora race car but not for the road. Dan and the R & D team spent hours developing a double skinned conventional bonnet that was hinged at the rear and could be slammed as hard as a steel bonnet.

The typical TVR twitchy tram-lining steering was eradicated with suspension geometry refinements, no bump-steer, new wheel geometry, improved dampers and bump stops.

The body had over 200 brass bobbins to fix screw locations and rid the typical horrible PK screws fitted by production.

Whilst at TVR Dan was competing in various road and gravel rallies, won a rally scholarship and did some of the Fiesta Sporting Trophy run by M-Sport.

Dan competed in the Manx International rally seeded last, 180th and won the class by over 12 minutes.

After TVR Dan was asked to join General Motors as their Chief Dynamics Systems Engineer at Millbrook test track.

After GM Dan was asked to join Ginetta to help to productionise the Ginetta G50 and G40 race cars and race series, Dan also helped the Ginetta LNT Panoz and Zytec LMP race team.

After Ginetta Dan formed BMS Design Ltd to offer design and engineering services to any sector. The philosophy being, if you can design a race car with over 2500 parts, many of them moving then how hard can it be to design a bridge or anything else out their…

BMS have worked on various automotive contracts and supplied parts for LMP race cars and McLaren road cars. BMS have designed suspension components uprights and assemblies, even 3D scanned fighter jets and historic race cars for reproduction.

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BMS Design Ltd Manchester UK CNC Machini
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BMS Design Ltd Manchester UK Ginetta G50
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BMS Design Ltd Manchester UK Ginetta G50
BMS Design Ltd Manchester UK Ginetta G50
BMS Design Ltd Manchester UK Ginetta G50
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BMS Design Ltd Manchester UK Ginetta Cha
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