BMS have 3D scanned and reverse engineered a number of medical components from hip joints, titanium implants to specialist tweezers and needles.

We can also manufacture and supply medical grade components as required, both bespoke and high volume components.

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Covid 19 NHS Emergency Products

What We Offer

Adapters for full face masks

Full face mask adapters for plumbed in ventilators and / or 3M P3 Filters.

Covid 19 Full Face Mask Adapter Corona V

Perspex Box

Perspex operating boxes available now. Flat pack and / or assembled.

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BMS Design Ltd Covid 19 Perspex Box NHS


Large LCD display with analog waveforms, time monitoring of the patient's physiological characteristics, flow rate - time waveform, flow rate - time waveform, pulmonary ring volume have constant pressure and other functions
Tidal volume as low as 20 ml (1KG = 8-12ml)
Suitable for rescue, ICU use.

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covid 19 ventilator.JPG

Iris-inspection + temperature measurement system (with on cloud database) for ID+temperature check for epidemic surveillance

Can be used in areas such as work place, supermarkets, parks public locations to check track and monitor health and well being. This system is now very popular in China.

We have a software partner who can integrate this into any existing user / employee interface you may have.

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Plasma Pen

Available in various lengths 316 SS individually packed.

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0.4mm plasma pen probe.JPG