CAD Design Engineers
BMS Design Ltd have a team of highly qualified Design Engineers available for on site contract works.

SolidWorks Design Engineers to support your CAD department;

  1. BMS engineers have a minimum 7 years full time experience..
  2. BMS engineers are fully self sufficient, hit the ground running and don’t need spoon feeding.
  3. All our engineers are highly competent in using SolidWorks, Pro E, Inventor, 3D Max, GeoMagic.
  4. Our engineers are happy to work on or off site and able to offer up to 70 hours per week.
  5. BMS engineers are efficient, keen, competent, dedicated, experienced and committed to finishing the job.
  6. Using contractors is a cost effective way of managing your work load. From general support to new multimillion pound projects our team of engineers are more than capable to support departments or multiple projects.
  7. Current work includes;
    1. Thermal Insualtion of Sub Sea Structures
    2. Structure Analasys
    3. Tooling Design
    4. Reverse Engineering Services
    5. Cloud Data Engineering
    6. Automotive Design, Suspension and Chassis Components
    7. Draughting Support / Drawing Conversion 2D to 3D
    8. Product Design/ Prototyping of Toys
    9. Product Development
    10. FEA / CCSMOS Support
    11. Fabrication Design
    12. Prosthetic Design


  • CATIA (.CATpart, .CATproduct, .cgr)
  • Inventor
  • Solidworks (.sldasm, .sldprt)
  • NX Unigraphics (.prt)
  • Creo Elements/Pro (.prt, .asm)
  • GeoMagic (.wrp)
  • ProEngineer/ Creo Elements/Pro
  • Alias

File type examples;

  • IGES (.IGS)
  • STEP (.STP)
  • Stereo Lithography (.stl)
  • Parasolid (.Xt)

All the the team have good experience with Visio, Microsoft Project, (Gant Charts), Excel, PowerPoint and BaseCamp.

BMS Design Ltd is not an engineering recruitment company; BMS Design Ltd supports clients projects as an engineering business. All engineers are full supported by BMS Design Ltd and its experience as a modern effective business.

Outsource your resource for your CAD department.

If You Need Advice On An Engineering Solution ... Please call us on 01565 325005