BMS VR - Multi Dimensional Simulation

BMS Design Ltd have over 18 years experience of providing 3D scanning services and this expertise now extends to VR Multi Dimensional Simulation solutions. We offer realistic, interactive visual simulation of visible or invisible content of structures, processes, scenes etc helping users to present to other users in a more vivid and intuitive form. This improves the effect of information display, dissemination (including for training applications) and storage.

Boeing Aircraft VR Maintenance inspection

Application of BMS VR Multi Dimensional Simulation

Product (system) Simulation : has applications including assembly and repair manuals, operation and maintenance. It can save operating costs (pre-sale, sale, after-sales), improve customer viscosity, convenience and enhance the promotion effect.

Process (process) Simulation : create a visual archive of process, empirical knowledge and technical documentation. It can reduce the technical requirements for the personnel of the post, reduce the cost of personnel training, and reduce the risk of technology loss caused by personnel changes.

Project Visualisation : project design or research results can be presented in 3D simulation animation (intuitive, vivid, interactive) for easy understanding and communication. Suitable for project declaration, mid-term inspection, completion and acceptance, etc.

Virtual Simulation Demonstration Videos

Some virtual simulation demonstration videos can be viewed online – please contact to request more information.

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