3D Printing

BMS have substantial experience of projects involving printed parts and we regularly 3D scan and produce optimised 3D drawings from which to produce printed parts. There are considerable advantages to using 3D printing capabilities in relation to issues such as spares / virtual stores, high cost consumables, nuisance parts (those with large batch order requirements or long lead times) and obsolete parts. Often these issues go hand in hand with the 3D scanning and 3D modelling services BMS can offer.

One area we have used 3D Printing extensively is with historic vehicles, typically when private individuals can not get hold of drawings or new parts. BMS 3D scan and produce optimised 3D printed parts which reduces the cost of producing in metal and instead print in carbon fibre reinforced nylon.

The three main reasons why customer choose 3D Printing / Additive Manufacture (AM);
1. The impossible is now possible. Geometry that typically could not be machined can be printed leaving designers the freedom to design “perfect” optimised and more efficient components using less material.
2. Customisation allows you to take out failure modes and make things that were not possible or cost effective before
3. Consolidation, this is the ability to create a single part out of what was numerous parts connected together.

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