3D Building Surveying

3D scanning enhances the design process, speeds up and reduces data collection errors, saves time and money, and thus makes it an attractive alternative to traditional data collection techniques. 3D scanning can also be used for mobile mapping, surveying, scanning of buildings and building interiors, and in archaeology. BMS Design Ltd offer a simple one stop shop for all 3D scanning and data processing requirements to provide clients with the most accurate data possible be it a small composite part for the aerospace industry with high accuracy requirements through to large lad surveys over several acres using the very latest technology.

BMS Design Ltd conduct measured surveys for leading developers, design consultants, architects, engineers, agents and other property professionals across the United Kingdom and Europe. Our experience, technical knowledge and commercial understanding makes us a key member of the consultant team. The effective use of the very latest technology underpins all our services, ensuring fast, reliable, accurate data capture that meets the specific objectives of our client’s projects.

Our experience on these projects means that our surveyors have an in-depth understanding of exactly what is required for the analysis and ensures that all the required detail is captured and included. Our expertise in data capture and modelling, our knowledge of the subject and our experience ensures that the 3D models delivered by us flow seamlessly into the rol Consultants software and workflows.

Measured building surveys

Measuring buildings to identify key structural elements, areas and layouts is part of the specialised role of the measured building survey. Recording and documenting historic buildings and buildings of architectural significance is also vital to preserve the culture of the world’s cities. We bring innovative measurement solutions to the team and work closely with architects, planners, developers, designers, agents, engineers and other property professionals to produce 3D models, reports, plans, elevations and sections of the highest standard.

These provide detailed internal and external plans, sections and elevations. Consultation with our surveyors ensures that all plans are prepared to meet your precise requirements. From experience is essential to cross check and reference all components of a measured survey, providing peace of mind to the development team and allowing them to work in confidence. Whilst on site, we aim to record additional information and detail to assist the development team with crucial decisions. Using the latest 3D laser scanners, BMS is less intrusive, faster and more cost-effective.

3D Engineering Surveys

In this field precision, accuracy and timing are critical to the success of any project and cannot be compromised. BMS’s acute understanding of the science of measurement and achievable tolerances makes us an invaluable partner for your engineering requirements. Our qualified, trained and experienced staff are CSCS accredited and understand Health and Safety and the complexity of working on active construction sites.

Whether you require the documentation of Mechanical and Electrical plant (MEP) in Building Information Models (BIM), assessment of complex structural arrangements or the monitoring of deformation within buildings, BMS’s comprehensive and reliable data instills confidence and provides peace of mind. As such, we are involved throughout the design, construction, operation and maintenance of civil and engineering projects.

  • Documentation of MEP in BIM
  • Verticality Check
  • Lift Shaft Surveys
  • Terrain & Drainage Analysis
  • Volumetric Calculations
  • Setting Out

Documentation of MEP in BIM

OIn today’s world of intelligently designed buildings, with the ever increasing emphasis on efficiency and integration of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services, the need for accurate assessment of the existing systems within a retained structure has never been more important.

BMS has taken the skills and experience learned from creating accurate and detailed 3D building models for architects and engineers and developed services aimed at recording the location and geometry of the existing facilities within a building in a manner that allows MEP specialists to add the intelligence such as purpose, function and capacity specific to each modelled service. This provides tremendous advantages and cost savings when designing the integration of new systems.

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