Reverse Engineering

BMS Design Ltd have extensive experience of providing complete 3D laserscan data processing services.  

Over the past 10 years we have converted 1000’s of raw STL data (3D scan) files into sold surface parametric 3D CAD models.  Our customers  find our combined precision engineering knowledge and practical reverse engineering experience is really valuable when interpreting and converting 3D laserscan data.

BMS - Processing 3D scan infographic

Our specialist reverse engineering software is used to transform 3D scan data and polygon meshes into accurate 3D parametric models and has features for capturing exact geometry, giving you the power and flexibility to choose the modelling method that works best for your application be it reverse engineering, product design, rapid prototyping and analysis.

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Our experience originates from the application of 3D scanning and reverse engineering for the precision engineering requirements of race car design.  However we now provide reverse engineering services to a diverse range of industries including oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, tool and die, master mould design, consumer product manufacturing, civil engineering, heavy equipment and electronics.

As part of the reverse engineering service we also provide valuable advice and opinion on interpreting the 3D CAD drawings and models generated from the original 3D scan data.

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BMS Design Ltd reverse engineering capabilities

  • Supply a number of leading 3D scanning outfits throughout Europe.
  • Extremely competitive on price.
  • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Work to aggressive lead times.
  • 24-hour turnaround in certain circumstances.
  • 22 highly experienced CAD engineers.

Our Reverse Engineering Software 

Geomagic Studio transforms 3D scan data and polygon meshes into accurate 3D digital models for reverse engineering, product design, rapid prototyping and analysis.

The fastest way to convert 3D scan data into parametric models, Geomagic Studio is the first reverse engineering software that directly integrates with all leading mechanical CAD packages. Geomagic Studio offers parametric modelling capabilities as well as features for capturing exact geometry, giving you the power and flexibility to choose the modelling method that works best for your application. share your results with fully interactive 3Dls

Reverse engineering 

3D Inspection Software

Geomagic Qualify enables fast, accurate, graphical comparisons between digital reference models and as-built parts for first-article inspection, production inspection and supplier quality management. Delivering best-in-class reporting capabilities, Geomagic Qualify’s powerful yet simple report designer allows you to design and customize inspection reports to meet the requirements your organization. Geomagic Qualify is also the first inspection software that allows you to share your results with fully interactive 3D models.

Quick and Easy Quality Inspection

With Geomagic Qualify, inspection and approval can be completed in hours instead of weeks, accelerating time to market, significantly reducing costs and giving you a measurable competitive advantage in the design/manufacturing process.  Key features include:

  • Digitally inspect as-built parts and compare to their as-designed CAD model
  • Inspect products in a fraction of the time
  • Automated, inline inspection
  • Sustain manufacturing quality in real time
  • Pass/Fail inspection
  • Collaborate on the inspection process.

Other software

  • Solidworks (.sldasm, .sldprt)
  • ProEngineer
  • Inventor
  • AutoCad
  • Ansys
  • Cosmos
  • NX Unigraphics (.prt)
  • CATIA (.CATpart, .CATproduct, .cgr)
  • Creo Elements/Pro (.prt, .asm)
  • GeoMagic (.wrp)
  • Alias
  • 3D Max
  • Photoshop

File types

  • IGES (.IGS)
  • STEP (.STP)
  • Stereo Lithography (.stl)
  • Parasolid (.Xt)

What is reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering (RE) is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation.

As computer-aided design (CAD) has become more popular, reverse engineering has become a viable method to create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part for use in 3D CAD, CAM, CAE or other software. The reverse-engineering process involves measuring an object and then reconstructing it as a 3D model. The physical object can be measured using 3D scanning technologies like CMMs, laser scanners, structured light digitizers or computed tomography.




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