BMS Design Ltd provide Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning, Design, Manufacturing and Project Management services throughout the UK. This range of services originated from our experience in race car design (TVR and Ginetta) – now applied for over 20 years to a wide range of sectors from Motorsport and Aerospace to Oil and Gas, IT, Industrial and Construction.

From Race Cars to Oil Rigs, We are Passionate About Quality Engineering and Exceeding Expectations.

Our expertise derives from over 18 years’ experience in a uniquely diverse range of precision engineering industries; from motorsport engineering which involved race and road car design, development and production to defence and submarine engineering, including oil & gas, managing multi-million pound engineering projects. The experience gained from these diverse industries enables our unique and valuable outlook on all challenges. Our in-depth understanding of precision engineering and the design and manufacturing life cycle enables us to project manage and deliver the most complex of projects from concept to manufacture and ensure they are on time and on budget. We like to get our hands dirty; see, feel and fully understand the projects in which we are involved.


Reverse Engineering

BMS Design Ltd have extensive experience of providing complete 3D laserscan data processing services.   Over the past 10 years we ...

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BIM Manchester

BMS Design Ltd supply outsource BIM modeling services in Manchester and throughout the UK. We provide the quickest possible turnaround whilst ...

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3D Building Surveying

Data capture (3D Scan) > Data Processing (BIM) > Export as per client requirements… (Autocad…) BMS offer a simple one stop ...

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Machined Components

Our in-depth understanding of precision engineering and the design and manufacturing life cycle enables us to project manage and deliver...

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Scan Data Processing

It takes time, care and attention, maybe a little love and affection to process 3D laser scan data to create accurate CAD models especially if it is...

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Design & Manufacture

BMS offers a range of outsourced design engineering services, up to and including manufacturing...

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Reverse Engineering / 3D Scanning Services

BMS Design Ltd have over 10 years experience of providing 3D scanning services.  Stemming originally from the application of 3D scanning ...

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VR Multi Dimensional Simulation

BMS offer realistic, interactive visual multi dimensional simulation of visible or invisible content of structures, processes, scenes etc helping users to present to other users in a more vivid and intuitive form.

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