3D scan data processing into 3D CAD model for pipeline maintenance company

BMS are specialists at processing 3D scan data extremely quickly.  We returned this 3D CAD model for our oil industry client within 24 hours.

The project brief:

A leading pipeline maintenance company has bought a number of portable 3D scanning machines and is now struggling to process the scan data. They require the scan data to be converted into parametric 3D CAD models so that they can use the models in their own software.

They can do it themselves however it takes a lot of time. BMS specialise in converting the scan data into usable 3D CAD models and can process the data extremely quickly.  Therefore it is much more cost effective to outsource to a specialist. This leaves the client more time to capture the data.


The BMS Design Ltd solution:

After data processing, the model clearly shows the valve body with its cover fasteners, bolting, small bore pipework and surrounding equipment. The CAD model can then be used to design, measure and inspect the scanned area which may be used for downstream processing repairs, modifications, tooling design, retrofittable parts, insulation jackets, maintenance etc.

This project was carried out within 24 hours (next day).

Can we help?

BMS have specialised in 3D scanning and 3D CAD modelling services for over 10 years.  Our precision engineering background ensures we project manage and deliver the most complex of projects from concept to manufacture and ensure they are on time and on budget. If you have a requirement for a 3D scan or for processing 3D scan data into a 3D CAD model for any engineering component or part, please get in touch with us here at BMS Design Ltd to discuss how we can deliver a solution.