How do our customers use 3D scanning and reverse engineering?

BMS undertakes a vast range of projects involving the application of 3D scanning and Reverse Engineering.  The sheer range of application of these services is almost unlimited, but below are some of the typical reasons our customers get in touch:

3D scanning
of an existing product or object, often a prototype or one-off item, can be used for:

  • reverse engineering into CAD
  • data input for digital modelling or editing
  • measuring and inspecting parts
  • data archiving

The full Reverse Engineering process (3D scanning and then converting into 3D drawing files) involves working backwards from a chosen physical product or object to obtain a detailed set of data, which can then be used to:

  • determine the design and technology used by the creator;
  • product improvement;
  • put a prototype into production;
  • reproduce or refine an existing product;
  • compliance or re-validation processes;
  • put the information to use in the development of a concept or prototype for a companion or related product;
  • recovering data or drawings lost during company transition, data corruption or IT failures.

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