Great Result for Boardman Motorsport on Epynt Rally 2014


BMS Design Ltd Rally Team

Rally Report Epynt 2014

2nd FWD in B11 class
8th B11 in class
37th overall
6mins quicker than N3 Fiesta winner (Might be a better class!)

Big thank you to all for the massive help at the weekend! Excellent job, no dramas, all ran like clockwork;

Bruce Hibbert – for logistics and service management, rebuilding, preparing the car on Friday and more!
Adrian Wood (and family) – for supplying all the evening food and booze, first class!
Oliver Evans – for graphics, servicing. Great job!
Simon Bee – for the support and servicing . Great job!
Joe Cruttenden – For putting up with my rusty notes, being professional, cool and calm while telling me where to go, and successfully contesting the 10sec penalty, excellent job mate!
Tim – For support and help fuelling and servicing. Great job!

Lancs Salvage – For collecting the car from the moon!

Rally Report
SS1 – Peltor Radio to loud, could not hear the notes. Virtually no rear damping and soft rear springs. Far too much rear brake balance. Big, big moment coming over the bumps in 4th gear. Came over the last crest sideways with front wheels in the grass. 3 whips but she came back.

SS2 – Better but lots of me not getting the notes right.

SS3 – Cancelled

SS4 – Cancelled

SS5 – Much better good feeling on the notes, starting to drive, nice slide round bail, full lock and full power ;0)

SS6 – Steady, off the notes again! To much caution over the blind crests, better concentration! Lost about 20 seconds.

SS7 – Like SS5 much better on the notes a few big moments into chicanes and hairpins with rear locking up, starting to push. Need to make better notes round blind hair pins and ensure I am using all road, “Wide entry” “Wide exit”.

Car Handling Tweaks
Dampers, Droop travel, Springs (Send to Billstein this week)
Brakes Bias (Testing)
Handbrake to work!